I’m a UX/UI Designer who loves to design and build products that contribute to the greater good.

I ask a lot of questions and sometimes play air guitar with my cat.

WeRecycle Mobile App

Role: UX/UI Designer

I created this application as a way to reduce the amount of plastic that litters our landfills and environment. Scientists predict that if plastic pollution trends continue, by 2050 there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Role: UX/UI Designer, Content Strategist

I use the WI DNR site to find new hiking trails around the state, and I wanted to give back to the organization by doing a redesign concept.


Wayward Tattoo

Role: UX/UI Designer, Developer, Project Manager

I worked with a content strategist and graphic designer to build the new Wayward Tattoo site, the only women-owned tattoo shop within 1,000 miles of Madison!


Side Projects

Topics: Illustration, Photography, Front-end development

It’s important for me to explore skills outside of my normal day-to-day, because it gives me new perspectives on how to view the world and solve different problems.